Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

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Danny Way- "public domain"

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27 thoughts on “Danny Way- "public domain"

  1. Yeah I've seen that. Very interesting to see how everything transpired and what was happening behind the scenes. Back then when it was going on I was just some little kid in middle/high school and simply went along with the latest trends in skateboarding at that time. Didnt even know much about Rocco at all.

  2. Well it turned out to be the right move cuz h-street went on to become huge (at least for a few years) and I remember powell dying out in the early 90s. Kinda like all the big company names of the 80s did like Vision and Santa Cruz as well. Major changes and transitions were happening with skateboarding during that time.

  3. Damn Way must have been 13 or 14 in this video and even though he's little he has such great power and style. Such a damn natural, right up there with Natas and Gonz.

  4. Pretty ballsy move for such a young kid to switch from Powell (which was the biggest company around) to H-Street which was somewhat anonymous during that time. Although someone in this thread mentioned he got McGill's panties in a bunch so maybe it was personal or something.

  5. I also tried to find this song. this is how I left it.. Could not find anything about it on the DVD credits also read a long time ago that it was only put together for the Video and never kept or released as a song. I suggest you get a video downloader, nuclear coffee make a good one and when saving the movie to your local drive just choose format type to MP3. thats as good as its going to get Im affraid..

  6. @lynus111 Dennis Dragon was in the Surf Punks and then younger brother of Daryl who was in Captain & Tennille. He's the guy chewing with the food falling out of his mouth during the party scene in "Animal Chin."

  7. I remember skating w/ him at McGill's park, and he totally elevated our abilities. He was learning 540's at the time, and he was afraid to try anything!

  8. I remember this > he skated for H-street a week later 😛 The rumor was that he got Mcgills pantys in a bunch so he never joined the powell team > rumors

  9. My friend gave me an old-school set-up earlier this year. The thing's about 10 inches wide with large chunks missing from the nose (which is very small) and tail. It too is insanely heavy, yet my other "friend" did a 360 flip on it. After examining the bottom of the deck I was able to see some sort of autograph. Unfortunately the board graphic is destroyed, so I have no idea what brand it is.

  10. it's kinda wierd many of his tricks in "public domain" are with more power than in "shackle me not" for example his airs, cab nosepick and I don't think he did a fingerflip indy in "shackle me not"

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