Fri. Nov 8th, 2019

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Debian vs Ubuntu – Clash of the Linux Titans

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Debian vs Ubuntu – Clash of the Linux Titans

A recent video comparing Debian to Ubuntu was posted. It was light and filled with weirdness. I could not help but do a more complete installation comparison. This is long, you have been warned. 🙂

Silly me, the size of the /snap folder was clearly shown at 1:14:26 and my eyes missed it. Sorry. The /snap folder takes 1.3 Gb of space. Outrageous! 🙂

xfce-installs.txt file:

Themes & icons:
numix-gtk-theme greybird-gtk-theme arc-theme papirus-icon-theme faenza-icon-theme

gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly gstreamer1.0-plugins-good flac faad faac mjpegtools x265 x264 mpg321 ffmpeg streamripper sox mencoder dvdauthor twolame lame asunder libxvidcore4 vlc soundconverter cdrdao frei0r-plugins xorriso cdrskin handbrake handbrake-cli audacity cdtool

haveged less gdebi synaptic gparted bleachbit htop jfsutils xfsprogs ntfs-3g mtools testdisk p7zip-full p7zip-rar hardinfo inxi gnome-disk-utility lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings gnome-system-tools dos2unix dialog python-glade2 rar unrar cifs-utils fuse gvfs-fuse gvfs-backends gvfs-bin pciutils squashfs-tools syslinux syslinux-common dosfstools isolinux live-build fakeroot linux-headers-amd64 lsb-release menu build-essential dkms curl wget apt-transport-https dirmngr libqt5opengl5 firmware-linux nvidia-detect psensor dosbox hplip-gui

thunderbird chromium liferea transmission-gtk ssh remmina iftop openvpn network-manager-openvpn openvpn-systemd-resolved filezilla grsync

gthumb simple-scan gimp

galculator keepassx aisleriot gnome-mahjongg gnome-chess simplescreenrecorder zulumount-gui zulucrypt-gui zulupolkit neofetch

9 thoughts on “Debian vs Ubuntu – Clash of the Linux Titans

  1. For Ubuntu, there still should be a "mini" ISO with debian-installer. Or I think it is possible to use the Ubuntu Server ISO and select advanced options at the boot menu. That way, it would be much more comparable.

  2. As I said before, there's absolutely no point whatsoever in using Ubuntu, when one can use Debian or one of its ethically and technically healthy forks. Debian is not harder to use than Ubuntu. That may had been the case in the past, but it ain't true anymore. Furthermore, I have not had any need to use any non-free software, but should that be one's hart's desire, Debian have that covered as well. Don't want to talk much about Ubuntu, but it turned out a major disappointment because of its privacy-invasiveness and the snaps that Canonical are shoving down on people's throat.

  3. Great detailed video 🙂 i love this head to head thingy, and all the great info you give the viewer along the way. Also Debian testing is LIFE lol. if i run Debian i always end up running testing and love every minute of it 🙂 on the what is easy part, someone once told me this "English is the easiest language for a person that grow up speaking it and everyone around him spoke it. Where it could be the hardest for someone growing up speaking another language". It's all about perspective and what you grow up using, if you grew up speaking GUI, anything else can seam alien for them or to unfamiliar. Also most people are not thinking people, they are reaction people lmao

  4. Welcome back lol, about language packs, it's ridicilous, my best guess is that ubiquty (if I spelled it right, whatever the name is) unsqash whole sqashfs and then removes what's not selected, it's kinda redundant, I guess there is a reason why they did it that way, even if the reason is pure lazyness lol.

  5. plz link to get xfce-install.txt

    how to use debian with root user that ser in installer
    debian linke that show device that support on debian
    and xfce amd drivers

  6. Hello eznix Well when I see both installers I still prefer and by far the Slackware ncurses installer which asks you obvious questions. The only parts which have to be done in the terminal are the partitioning and the root password. And it works with BIOS + MBR or UEFI + GPT with the same iso: no need for a special iso to handle UEFI in some cases.
    And Slackware doesn't have any snap installed.
    Some people have wrong leitmotivs in their brain.
    For CTT "Distributions don't matter."
    For TOS "Once you are on the web there is no privacy."
    And so on….

  7. I cannot abide OS 'vs' OS videos but your video Eznix did it in a meticulous manner and was more of a disection of the two but the video mentioned at the beginning was so lacking in anything credible it was amazing. Is that what content he puts out at 63K subs? He hasn't any creative spark left?
    I'm glad I'm not part of the 'Linux Youtube Community' because it's getting so facile that I find almost nothing of value these days bar the odd gem here and there. Your channel Eznix is one where I was always find something of substance.

  8. Was notified this video was available while watching another video…immediately stopped watching what I was currently watching in order to get my dose of long-overdue eznix. Where you been man? 🙂 Just started watching, and I won't stop until the end baby!!! 😀

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