Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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Deepin 15.11 – The Linux Desktop Re-Imagined

1 min read

A review and first look at the Deepin 15.11 distribution

20 thoughts on “Deepin 15.11 – The Linux Desktop Re-Imagined

  1. I remember the Chinese Government saying about a decade ago that it was going to produce its own OS in competition to the American standards of Windows and macOS.

    Do you know what became of that, and is Deepin a result of that project?

  2. Hey OTB thanks for the video I have deepin on my desktop it is a really nice distro I know a lot of people won’t use it because it’s from China but I gotta say it’s really good and snappy.

  3. mmm Okay Deepin have done some silly things and some great things. Firstly moving to QT was great and sorted out the multi-monitor crap they had before. The OS it's self does seem to get better however they went from Debian unstable to stable biggest stupid mistake ever.. You can fix this in the repos by installing don't update then changing to unstable and then update and you're back. The HTML DE was good but QT fixed all the crap. But there is a but Deepin is better on Arch why well the software then the speed it's faster just snappy fast it's ridiculous..

  4. Erm Yeh. There’s a little ‘flickering’ on the rear wall ! You will need to adjust the shutter speed so it’s not the same ‘frequency’ as the ‘lights’ …. Ref’ Deepin OS, yes there are lots of ‘stories’ about the OS being a bit “Dodgy’ ! I like the DE but i did use it on ‘top of’ other Distro’s. Visually very nice but at the end of 5 days i went back to Debian 10 / Mate DE. My Lightweight / Portable Distro is MX. Get well soon.

  5. Deepin fans are waiting for V20 (shown as U20 for some reason) in January – the beta version is download able now but not fully functional. Judging only on the beta I think it has been spoiled. An overlooked element of Deepin is Deepin Recovery, I am sure it was once part of the ISO but to reduce the size of the ISO it became a downloadable addon. It becomes available through the boot menu and loads to memory. It includes a number of tools like Gparted and Clone which can be used more readily from memory.

  6. Well someone else from England but at least you wont claim every distribution is the greatest of all like English Bob. Never use DDE desktop on Arch etc because it's too buggy and this is why many dislike it with Manjaro. IF you want DDE then use the Deeping distro.

  7. Quite a bit of Deepin is similar to Mac OS X. Especially the "finder" and the main GUI interface fonts. At least Mac OS X as it was up until about 2-3 years ago as that is about the time that I stopped being a Mac User and jumped over to Windows 10 and various experimentation with Linux. As far as the British/UK slang goes, please keep using it!

    Knowing that this distribution comes straight from China, I am very worried about using and keeping my privacy and data safe. This does not take anything away from the merits of its development and the look and feel which looks fantastic.

    Once again, thanks for walking us through this OS.

  8. I tried Manjaro with Deepin Desktop. Version 17 worked just fine. 18 did not. I don't have an issue with the gnome applications. But the Deepin Desktop does not put the applications in alphabetical order. That drove me crazy. You have to manually move them around but an update or changing to a traditional menu disarranges them. I installed the Deepin Linux version and it appeared to work when the Manjaro did not on my machine. At this moment the Manjaro Deepin version is no longer supported.

  9. Yuppers, Deepin is one of the most beautiful desktops I've seen. I'd love to use the desktop on my current Debian system. I am leery about a system based in China given their past attitudes toward privacy.

    Thank you for getting up while sick and producing a video. It shows commitment and strength of character both of which I admire. Get well soon.

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