Tue. Dec 10th, 2019

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Dell 7280 hard drive replacement adventures. Using fedora Linux to wipe the old/faulty drive out.

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After 2 months of having delays with replacement drive from cex in Hatfield, the “new” (also second hand) drive arrived! It took me some time to get it running, but there it is.. this video is a very condensed version of what actually happened that took me a few hours (almost 8). DD in Linux helped with the backup to an external drive. It was slow (at least the Ubuntu 14 version, max 25MB/s) but with fedora the restore was near 70 which is reasonable as it was a sequential read from the external mechanical hard drive to the m.2 internal ssd. Hopefully I will not become laughing stock of my cyber operations students as I try to present something to them and the laptop crashes in the middle of the lab session. As for the guy in cex (not the manager) that was persistently lying to me saying that it’s being repaired while the laptop was in my bag and then he didn’t even have the courage to say his name, if he keeps this attitude, the best thing he will do in his life will be to stay there and keep hiding behind rule interpretations that he thinks anyone believes and claim data protection and other nonsensical things. One day he will make the mistake to try the same tricks with some drug addicts that (might) bring in the stolen playstations and he will be found stabbed under a bridge.

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