Fri. Dec 13th, 2019

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Deploy Websites In Seconds With Netlify

1 min read

In this video I will show you how to deploy a website or frontend application to Netlify which is a fantastic service for hosting with free SSL, server-side functions and even built in form functionality. This video is NOT sponsored by Netlify in any way

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21 thoughts on “Deploy Websites In Seconds With Netlify

  1. My website's primary domain does not get the SSL certificate from Netlify. It says that [website] has a valid certificate, but the domain that I added doesn't. Can you give some opinions on how I can fix that?

  2. I have been through a few tutorials and this one is by far the best, perfectly paced and explanations where you need them. Thank you.

  3. I have tried everything on this website "Broken link" Every time it breaks I've used different websites different accounts just help please

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