Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

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Determining Domain of Functions

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I discuss finding domain of functions with the use of graphs or graphing calculators. The domain of the last example is no solution. There is a mistake at 8:40. It should be x greater than or equal to 2 or x is less than or equal to -2. 
Identifying Domain & Range from a Graph

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21 thoughts on “Determining Domain of Functions

  1. Thanks for this video and all your other videos. You helped me get an A in College Math. Now I'm having my kids watch your videos and get more ideas on solving math! Thanks.

  2. Hello I'm having trouble with pre-calc this year and most of it has to do with not understanding how the domain works. if it is undefined will the domain always be the number followed with infinity?

  3. So helpful. If I watch it twice I should have it down pat. Thank you. When I am in between school sessions I can help you with closed captions but I have no clue how to do it though I am a computer wiz.

  4. at like 9:03 why do you use this bracket if the number isn't inclusive I was always taught that parentheses were used when the numbers were non inclusive and brackets were used when they were

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