Fri. Jan 17th, 2020

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Different Operators in JavaScript – Part -2

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#JavaScript #JavaScriptBasics #NaveenAutomationLabs
In this video, I have explained about the following operators in JavaScript:


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10 thoughts on “Different Operators in JavaScript – Part -2

  1. Hi Naveen. Not related to topic but Just a small doubt related to pom.xml in my project .When i run pom.xml as maven test am getting exception error. do u have any idea. plz help

  2. Hi Naveen, I am using Jasmine framework for my project. I use visual studio code as code editor my question is if I am using minimist with webdriverio then how can we set launch file ?

  3. Hi Naveen. Your videos are Amazing,
    Had a question though, am i missing SQL Part6. …… that you mentioned in Sql part5 would be coming up with Joins and Foreign Key.

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