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This is a White Label. All that is stamped on it is “DIGITAL DOMAIN” and “Rabbit City Records*003.

40 thoughts on “DIGITAL DOMAIN – RABBIT CITY 003

  1. Hey Mr DJ he's playing my song
    I need relief
    One for the treble
    Two for the time
    Cmon yal let's rock this
    I love this tune cause I m a sample skitzo
    All the best tunes are laced with quality hip-hop loops

  2. I first heard this song in '96 or '97 when I was about 10 and knew it was one of the older classic tracks but never knew the name of it. I had it on the intro of a mix I bought for 14 seconds and really had nothing more. I didn't know how to describe it aside from the girl laughing so nobody could ever ID it for me. So glad I found it today after several decades!

  3. Great tune to mix, wouldn't get this length of intro these days! Everything has to be in the first 10-15 seconds now (the art of the long mix is sadly dying out)

  4. always thought the sample was off the rump shaker by wrecks in effect..which came 1st ? masters a work or the rump ? sounds fucking mint mixing this into dj seductions you and me..bringing it in at just the right time..I have it on white as well..

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