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Domain Flipping Scam Exposed | Domain Certificate Scam

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Domain Flipping Scam Exposed | Domain Certificate Scam –
Domain Flipping Scam Exposed | Domain Certificate Scam –

This video is about Domain Flipping Scam Exposed | Domain Certificate Scam !

!! Update !! – please note that I have changed the name of my website to . Thanks!
First of all Domain flipping is legit and you can make some money flipping domains. I do it and know it works So this is not an indictment on domain flipping. In this video I expose a shell game or scam that I was being drawn into by a person claiming to be a domain broker. She went on to say that she works with clients all over the world and had one that was interested in buying mine for $5,000.00.

After some discussion she then went on that her so-called “buyer” wanted certificates and tradmark infringement clearances that I needed to buy for $200 on some sketchy website. 1st of all you don’t need any of that and I wasn’t about to buy a $200 certificate. After some homework and looking to see if this was legit, I found out that this is a scam going on in the domain flipping industry and has been going on for several years in fact.

So watch this video so you can spot these scam artists and how exactly I dealt with this incident.

There are easier ways to make an income online rather than get drawn into being a scam artist. Choose wisely. I hope I saved you some $$$ and headaches.

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  2. I'm a newbie. Did a lot of research only to find out I don't know shit. Will you guys help me for a second. Where is the cheapest way to buy a domain for the soul purpose to sell it so you don't roped in some long contract?

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