Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Donald Trump 'Eminent Domain' is a wonderful thing

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Donald Trump with Brett Baier on ‘Eminent Domain

20 thoughts on “Donald Trump 'Eminent Domain' is a wonderful thing

  1. you're gonna have a lot of money
    I don't give a damn how much money you'd give me. It may seem like a house for them, but it's a home for another.

  2. Eminent domain is very good in eastern europe post-soviet states. Here governments in the '90 and '00 were the owners of anything cause everything was state-owned . They started to sell factories, banks, railways, land to foreign investors for a fraction of its real value. So in this case eminent domain is absolutely necessary.

  3. I'm honestly just disgusted that the government can take your property, all in the name of "public use" it's just wrong, when will it end? Most likely, never.

  4. Sorry Bret, you let him get away with it. Sorry, I don't believe that about the 'Club for Growth'. Trump is WEAK on private property rights.

  5. I disagree. If the government wants to build schools (which are unconstitutional) or roads(which should be left to the states), eminent domain should not be used. If it is so important for the government to own that piece of ground, they should buy it. If the owners don't want to sell it, so be it. It is their private property.

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