Sun. Nov 3rd, 2019

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Drum Sander – Thickness Sander Making DIY

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I am making a drum sander. It is a good tool for sanding wood. You can easily sanding your wood parts. I am using a 400 W bench grinder for power. This is a simple Thickness Sander machine.

You can download the free PDF document from the link below and start building it easily.

#drumsander #thicknesssander #sanding

➤PDF (dimensions) download page :

➤Tools/Supplies Used :
Table Saw :
Table Saw Sled :
Disc Sander :
Wooden Bench Vise :
Angle Grinder Stand :
Drill Guide :

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43 thoughts on “Drum Sander – Thickness Sander Making DIY

  1. Couple of suggestions. Firstly, leave a slight gap between the wrappings around the drum to avoid them riding over each other and creating a bump. Secondly, when sanding a board that has a cup, put the cup-side down to avoid it rocking as you put it through. This makes it quicker to get a level face and reduces the number of passes needed. Great build though.

  2. Parabéns meu amigo! Que trabalho de excelente qualidade. Obrigado por compartilhar. A propósito, poderia me dizer qual a marca dessa sua serra de fita e onde posso encontrar?

  3. Personally I'd like to Thank You for taking the time time Share Your Work, I personally wouldd rather hear dialog, then over volumed music that's usually done by another YouTuber or a friend. I am watching the video to learn more Tricks of The Trade not listen to amerachure music, and yes I thought of turning down the volume, which can lead to missing any dialog if they so happen to stop the silly music and maybe Explain whàt they have learned, or what their doing, to make things quicker. Just Saying I know I'll Unsubscribe now. Losing Subscribers before they watch a second video, isn't success. I am only talking in general terms, not You in particular, It just so happened that I thought of this subject while listening to Your Vid. Thanks for Sharing bro.

  4. Кто научил вас так монтировать ролики? Нельзя накладывать музыку длиной в несколько минут. Нужно чаще менять композиции! Я несколько раз начинал смотреть и каждый раз плясать начинаю… Чем там всё закончилось?

  5. How did you get the drum in and out of the frame? It looked like you had to stretch open the joints earlier in the video to install it.
    I don’t see how it’s practical remove the drum and recover it when the sandpaper needs replacing.

  6. Чем бы дитя ни тешилось … . столько геморроя, что бы обрабатывать маленькие заготовки, проще вручную это сделать.

  7. All fun and games till the thing catches on your work piece and rockets it across the room at escape velocity and punches a hole through the wall. Your fridge. The neighbors dog. And continues on to outer space

  8. THUMBS DOWN, big time.
    The reason: I HATE content creators that make a DIY tool with enough machines to show they don't need to make it because they can easily buy it. Can you imagine someone saying, great video, now I will buy all the equipment he has got to make the DIY drum sander.
    That is RETARD!!!!!!
    I just unsubscribed.


    Simple yet effective build. Good job, but the "offcenterism" of few things (like that belt driving wheel) made me die a little inside 🙂

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