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Everything You Need To Know About JavaScript Frameworks 2018 | #devsLife

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Today I talk about everything you need to know about the top 3 JavaScript Frameworks for Web Developers 2018. The top 3 frameworks are React, Angular, and Vue. Which one are you learning today?

Also be sure to check out the two channels below. These 2 awesome people helped inspired me to create today’s video.


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23 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About JavaScript Frameworks 2018 | #devsLife

  1. Weird camera angle, framing or something. Feels like I'm looking up from inside a box and you're looming over me. Half expected you to put the lid/lens cap back on at the end.

  2. Sure, if your project is small and you are the only coder. TypeScript might be a bit redundant. But you have a big team with a large code base, a static type checker such as typescript will find some bugs during compile time. Have fun spend hours debugging some else bugs which will inevitably happen due to JavaScript being a dynamic language.

  3. 1. if you want to work for a company – learn a framework or two.
    2. otherwise learn pure JS to the core, which would be much more beneficial to you as a programmer.

  4. Thanks for the summary of the main frameworks! (and keeping short and straight to the point :P) I'm currently studying React on FreeCodeCamp but browsing through the job applications Angular popped up a lot, which raised some concerns about learning React. The video helped clear some things up.

  5. I would suggest: Do not follow the crowd. Yes, it is nice to have a big community for support and auxilary libraries, but any of major 20 frameworks has enough people for that. Unless you are absolutely terrible in JS, CSS or HTML, and you need a lot of books and examples to learn every new thing. Find a good fit to what you are building, maybe for next project switch to something completely different to be build some skills. Once you have enough context, it doesn't matter that much during hiring, because you can probably learn new framework in few days, and get very good at it in few weeks.

  6. After watching your video. Then I've done myself to learn to react. Right now I'm in the process of computer education in Denmark and we have java. But I usually work a lot with c # everyday with my own website.

  7. The comment as pros and cons for pros 'you can find help on stack-overflow' thats not really one. You can find help for any language on there! Interesting video though, thanks for sharing

  8. truly inspirations video. Sir one question for you right now i'm doing as a front end designer job in IT company it been 2.5 years but want to upgrade programming skill in javascript so which framework would be better to jump for designer and it's specially for designer which would be better sir?

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