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F2F-Radio: Website Links Banned on FB

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Feet to the Fire Radio for Dec 1st, 2019
Audio only podcast link:

While still allowing the Feet to the Fire RADIO Facebook page, Facebook has banned all links to the Feettothefireradio (dot com) website, citing violations of “Community Standards.” I wonder which standards were offended? Critical thinking? Pointing out propaganda? Corruption? Supporting Trump? Or perhaps my latest series on Jesus’ Saying?

It is all of the above as they do not flow with the lemmings mesmerized to follow the MSMedia, Government, and Academia. The goal before the 2020 election season is to remove dissenters from Social Media

1)- Stop the contamination of the unsuspecting public being programmed into darkness by the System.
2)- Quarantine the free speech “virus” in other platforms (outside FB, YT, Twitter, etc) and cut off their funding and easy access.
3)- Via ICANN and DNS Serve, cut off access completely.

Knowing this there are things we can do using models from the pre-internet days and use them on the Internet as well as LIGHTING A FIRE under the Republican, Independents, and Libertarians to fight back politically and legally.

Listen in for more.

Some links:

The Truth about the 1st Thanksgiving:

YouTube New Terms of Service and deleted channels “Not commercially viable”

IG Report:

VERY INTERESTING article on possible ways and methods of Trump’s actions:

About Trump

“Reprogramming” called for Trump Supporters.

On the theme of my talk:
If that can block Nintendo, they can block others


You can always have access to everything Feet to the Fire Radio Audio & Video plus Articles and Archives at:
Twitter: JAJancik GAB: @F2F @JamesArthurJancik (Personal Timeline)
eMail: feettothefireradio (at) protonmail (dot) com

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