Fri. Jan 10th, 2020

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Factorio 0.17 Train World #25 CLAIMING MORE DOMAIN

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This Lets Play is focused on building an aesthetic base operated by a large number of trains. There will be some Quality of Life mods added, but no gameplay changing mods.
Additionally this series serves as a tribute to the wonderful people who choose to support me through Patreon.
Each Patreon will get a train named after them and the series will continue for as long as there are Patreons to name trains after:
– Captain of Industry: 1:1 Train
– Robber Baron: 1-2 Train
– Fanatical Devotee: 1-4 Train
If you want to support the channel and get your own Train and a chance to run over Nilaus:

New episodes daily at 6 PM

Available “regularly” on my website:

(The Train Monitor mod is currently a private mod and therefore not included)

Map seed:


Playlist from the beginning:

Save games:
Save games are available to Patreon/YouTube/Twitch Supporters in Discord

#Factorio #DailyFactorio #TrainWorld

11 thoughts on “Factorio 0.17 Train World #25 CLAIMING MORE DOMAIN

  1. I've been sort of following along with your grid design, but I think I'm going to need to restart with a 2×2 roboport scale instead of 1×1… Would you say LTN is mandatory for a large-scale train base?

  2. Lol when he got in and then back out of his tank I didn't see his sprite so I thought he some how stalled the engine on the tank because I didn't hear the engine anymore. It's been a really long day for me but I've been looking forward to watching this and then I'm going straight to bed.
    Edit: Lmao "do some minor tweaks to it" then instantly crashes into it. Yep, that'd be a minor tweak. 🙂

  3. Have you considered doing s time lapse for biter clearing? Mincrafters use it to cover mining. Could give you an apportunity to talk about stuff too.

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