Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

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Faster Than Zero Tick – Minecraft Java 1.15 – Full Auto Shaky-Sand

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It has been a long road, but I now bring you would is likely the final design for Shaky-Sand and Quantum-Ticking (Q-Tick) for Java 1.15. This build it one-wide-tileable, off and unload safe, does not require replanting crops or replacing sand, involves no guess work as the sand will shake every time, and has a one input on/off allowing for full automation. By making the zero-tick pulse both water-proof and even with the dirt/sand, we were able to bring the water stream to the crops instead of needing to launch the crops to the water stream. While that may not seem like much of a big deal, it allows us to use a faster harvesting clock and remove the slime blocks, meaning our per-crop-rates jump from 5,000 bamboo per hour to ~6,600 bamboo per hour… a 30+% increase in rates. This design can be easily modified to work with sugar cane as well, if you change every third sand block out for water. Each bamboo slice is capable of fueling just over 4.5 furnaces full time, which in an xp farm could genreate 1,650xp per hour (if burning Cactus) or just under 40,000xp per day, per slice 🙂


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40 thoughts on “Faster Than Zero Tick – Minecraft Java 1.15 – Full Auto Shaky-Sand

  1. this works perfectly with sugarcane as well with a little bit of delay on the harvest clock and water logged stairs every 2 dirt block, also made it a bit more compact with rails and observers as redstone dusts causes lag

  2. It's quite easy to think that on Eagle's grave there will be a text like – Died after finally having the perfect shaky-sand farm in minecraft.

  3. can you plz make some honey block contraptions tutorials, Mabey like an item sorter, (and did you know that bees won't get mad when you use a dispenser to shear them) (when you don't have a fireplace)

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