Fri. Dec 13th, 2019

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FFXI – NEW Domain Invasion Overview – AMAZING NEW GEAR

1 min read

December 2019 update brings us a revamped Domain Invasion with brand new gear and accessories. Edit: It will take 2 weeks to finish an earring or sash, not 1.


9 thoughts on “FFXI – NEW Domain Invasion Overview – AMAZING NEW GEAR

  1. Don't overlook the sublimation on the sash. This is the first gear that Sublimation + is available for a job other than SCH. With the new sublimation buff, SE realized it was taking other jobs way to long to cap sublimation using sub SCH.

  2. Thanks for this.. regarding your last comment.. With all the new gear and job adjustment (buffs), they are getting us ready for new, challenging content.. most likely it will be where we unlock Empy +2 and +3

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