Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Finally: Sgi MIPS64 Linux arcload initrd!

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As the Linux initrd is also not working for me on MIPS64, let’s try to finally get that working on Sgi hardware with arcload, too! You can support my work at: Ad: or ordering stuff you need via Amazon:

2 thoughts on “Finally: Sgi MIPS64 Linux arcload initrd!

  1. This is about an octane rather than origin 200, but there's an undocumented 15 pin connector on the front of an octane… I was thinking there's a small chance it could be JTAG. It's next to diag LEDs that show if one of the compression connections is broken, maybe it's just an electric analog for that, also, the octane and origin 200 share the architecture with the origin 2000 multi-node system, so it might be something to do with that, maybe some form of origin 2000 l2 controller or some other thing like that… I wonder if there's anything like that on the origin 200.

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