Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Finally trying to compile the Linux kernel with Clang!

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Compiling the Linux kernel with llvm/clang. You can support my work at: or ordering stuff you need via Amazon:

1 thought on “Finally trying to compile the Linux kernel with Clang!

  1. People generally get upset with people when something is constantly misrepresented constantly to the point where it becomes tedious. It is tedious to hear the same old (incorrect) jokes, "fakenews" and other nonsense about languages that you use by someone such as yourself that should know better.

    There was a guy on OSNEWS who would constantly bring up some example of .NET performing badly. The .NET version was 1.1. You would say "That is no longer the case, here are up to date" performance figures. The next week he would tell the same lie, because he hates Microsoft.

    You do exactly the same thing with politics and you had quite a few people unsubscribe last time. You started mouthing off about politics and saying people were stupid (mis-representing them) etc. etc. without ever actually trying to understand what the other side of the argument is actually saying i.e. a classic straw-man essentially.

    You do exactly the same thing with languages, you make assertions about a language I happen to use. I tell you why you are wrong and then you equate that to be "Triggered". No I am correcting you because you are spreading a misconception. It is SOOO FUCKING dishonest and smug. Go fuck yourself.

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