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Finding the Domain of Functions (Precalculus – College Algebra 4)

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What the Domain means for functions, what to look for, and how to find it for basic functions.

15 thoughts on “Finding the Domain of Functions (Precalculus – College Algebra 4)

  1. PLEASE NOTE MISTAKE: In the Second Example, I forgot two "NOT EQUAL" signs in the Set Builder form of the Domain. Please make sure to add those "NOT EQUAL" signs to both the "4" and the "-4" that I forgot to include. Sorry and thank you!

  2. If college is the first time you learn this, I feel bad for you, son. I had 99 problems but a shitty high school math curriculum wasn’t one.

  3. You are the best professor in mathematics you can answer all the questions I can ask my self you can why I can do this

    Best professor
    I wish you always happy in your life my wish Is I can meet you in my life

  4. i asked my precal “teacher” in high school : how do we find the domain for rational functions?

    her response: look in the book

    note: she never taught us, she would make us read
    out of the book and us students often learned it on our own or studied together

  5. Hey professor, how many videos are there going to be for the whole precalculus section you're doing? I'm asking because I'm currently taking Calculus but I have a very weak algebra and trig base from my high school time, and I wonder if I could follow along your videos before my tests start or if I should go for something quicker.

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