Mon. Jan 13th, 2020

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Fortune Cookie Java Program – Build a Fortune Program in 11 Minutes

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HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! I have my own merch now 🙂 I had no idea what I was doing in school, or even now so I wanted to make apparel to embrace this feeling. Let the world know you are clueless with my new “I have no idea what I’m doing” shirts and hoodies!

Here’s a quick, 4 line program that will help you practice the basics in java. I hope this fortune cookie program in java helps you practice a little!

This is a simple java program to help you practice java programming 🙂


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Alex Lee

19 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie Java Program – Build a Fortune Program in 11 Minutes

  1. at the moment im at a point where most of the tutorials on youtube are either too easy or way too hard for me so this tutorial was really fitting for my skill level and helped me out a lot! thanks Alex, very much appreciated! (:

  2. Alex, I'm in school for cyber security. I just got done with Java, and I am on to learning more languages. What would you recommend? I was told python and ruby. Thanks!

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