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FoundriesFactory Linux microPlatform with Foundries.io CTO Tyler Baker, demo of secure Edge update

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FoundriesFactory cloud infrastructure tool to customize own embedded distributions updated over the air, devices in the field, deliver Docker apps securely to any registered devices, provides turn-key services to develop, secure, deploy and maintain embedded, IoT or Edge product. Life long open source maintainers and contributors offering a solution to fragmented embedded software, an open platform which implements standards throughout. The goal being to enable product developers to build upon a common software base, and provide tooling to accelerate time to market. Secure
Reference implementations for securing software using hardware root of trust
, Custom
Each factory provides a private space for product development
Create and deploy incremental updates for your platform or applications
FoundriesFactory Build on top of the Linux microPlatform using their infrastructure to manage the development, testing, deployment and maintenance of your next product. Foundries.io vision is to deliver an open, customizable, secure OS and firmware platform for an IoT/Edge product’s lifetime. Aiming for cross-industry adoption, with no lock-in, use industry standards and a new business model to disrupt the status quo of the fragmented IoT device market. Foundries maintains two free open source microPlatform distributions – one for SoCs running Linux, and one for microcontrollers using the Zephyr RTOS The commercial FoundriesFactory cloud service enables customers to tailor Linux to their own hardware, IP and use case, and to securely deploy and maintain software for their IoT and Edge devices over their product lifetimes Foundries.io business model FoundriesFactory has an annual subscription business model, priced per product. There are no per unit royalties, per transaction or per update fees For start-ups and small companies they offer a 50% discount for the FoundriesFactory for the first two years user can stop subscription at any time and will retain all the source code for product up to that time with no lock-in hardware support
FoundriesFactory supports any hardware that can run Linux. It is specifically designed to enable customization to your own hardware and use case. For getting started we support a range of standard development boards for Arm, Intel and RISC-V.

Filmed in 4K60 using using this equipment:

– Zhiyun Weebill S gimbal stabilizer ($439 at https://amzn.to/2XGEaF4)
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– Panasonic G9 ($997 at https://amzn.to/2EuaQJX)
– 12-60mm Leica ($797 at https://amzn.to/2VzFJU7)
all my G9 with 12-60mm Leica videos are added in this playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7xXqJFxvYvg_F9pR7IxXwy5bmcErqGeW

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