Tue. Dec 10th, 2019

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FreeIPA Server Installation on Centos 7

1 min read

In this video ill show how to install FreeIPA Identity management server on Centos 7

Link: https://youtu.be/mqnjojAeCJs

I am installing the FreeIPA on Centos 7. Its a step by step guide to the installation of the FreeIPA Identity management server. I’ll also show you which ports to open and also in the next video i am gonna show you how to connect a Centos 7 client to our FreeIPA server

9 thoughts on “FreeIPA Server Installation on Centos 7

  1. Great video… there are no much examples as clear as yours… still… I wish I could know for sure what exactly might cause the ipa server to say "domain already registered" when the nic is enabled. Thanks a lot!

  2. hi plz help
    i want to login from web brower (firefox| ip-server but not loging and my user and passwd is absolutely correct so and when m trying from terminal login success we don't know what exactly problem so plz guide me

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