Fri. Sep 13th, 2019

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Fusion Very Small EVAP Leak P0456

2 min read

In this video I have a look at a 2012 Ford Fusion that is throwing a code P0456 Very Small EVAP Leak. We know one thing for sure it is not the gas cap because it doesn’t have one!? Orrrr is it…. -Enjoy!

OTC 6522 LeakTamer EVAP Smoke Diagnostic Machine:

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18 thoughts on “Fusion Very Small EVAP Leak P0456

  1. Hey!! Another what's up Wednesday!!

    Where else can Brian from Fordtechmakuloco, be talked about while a Ford Fusion gets violated with a funnel covered in unidentifiable schmooze, by the one handed wonder from high school?? Kind of makes you long for that porn music from yesteryear!! Or yesterday, whatever your case may be!!

  2. I have been to comedy clubs, everywhere!! I have never had my car fixed while I was being entertained!! I have had my car fixed in garages, everywhere! Not once did I end up laughing with the mechanics!!

    Where else can you have your car fixed, while it is being violated by a funnel, while laughing at the high school one handed wonder, while drinking coffee, and reminiscing about the good ole days, when cars had caps??

    11stars out of ten!!

  3. Maybe worth to find a suitable rubber plug to put in there. I think there are conical rubber plugs intended to plug exhaust of motorcycles when they are washed to avoid filling the engine with water. Primarily dirt bikes.

  4. Definitely agree the capless design is so stupid I mean really what was wrong with having a gas cap lol.. if it were me I’d find a way to replace the filler neck with a cap style filler neck

  5. Dr O! The one handed wonder from high school!! Lol He had a constant ongoing relationship with Rosie Palms, and her five sister, throughout high school!! Which is proof that you WONT GO BLIND!! Hahahaha

  6. I’ve seen this on certain cars (rental, so it might not only be a Ford thing). While an “ease of use” idea perhaps drove it, I’d be worried about more debris in the tank. I’d look for a tradition neck with a threaded cap from some car / model to retrofit – it must exist.

  7. The most annoying thing about modern cars is the engine lights reporting ‘non problems’ in the first place. In the old days this would have gone unnoticed, unfixed and caused no problems to anyone including the lady’s cheque book. What next, a flashing dash light telling you the paint is flaking off the colour coded door mirrors. I’m pretty sure you have better things to do as a mechanic than spray WD40 on sticky filler hinges. Love your channel though Eric, we don’t get enough of this sort of stuff in the United Kingdom. Watching you and listening to your accent is better than the movies.

  8. I actually appreciate the capless system when it's cold. All three of my previous cars had the caps get jammed so bad I couldn't get them off at times.

  9. Scotty would use a different lube and something else to stroke that flap….
    Probably wouldn't have fixed it though as he'd have been done in a few seconds!! 😉

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