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Future Possibilities Of JavaSCript

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In this article, we are going to talk about the future of #javascript

Which programming language comes to your mind when you hear the word “software”? We are very sure that #JavaScript is among the top languages in your memory. The chief reason behind its constant popularity is the vast usage. Do you know what percentage of developers are using this language? According to Stack Overflow, a popular website used by developers to share their skills, JavaScript is used by 69.8%. 

It is often remarked as a beginners’ language as it is quite easy to learn and execute. This makes it the best friend with developers! As a business person, you don’t have to go with what developers prefer.

We want you to judge whether it’s really the optimum language for your custom software development project. One way to get a crystal clear image of the reality is an analysis of languages used for websites. Let’s check the insights! 

One thing about JavaScript is extremely popular that it makes interactive web pages. In fact, for some people, front-end development means JavaScript development services It is well-proved through statistics as well.

In this post, we are trying to forecast the future of JavaScript on the basis of trends and facts. We have come up with the following frameworks that we expect to shine brightly in the coming years for JavaScript:

Node.js: Bringing JavaScript to the server-side
Vue.js: Expected to rise more
Angular.js: Continual launch of newer versions
React.js: Constant increase in popularity

One thing which is certain is the existence of one or the other JavaScript framework in custom software development services. There is no chance that JavaScript will lose its position as the most used language. The statistics and fact speak volumes about its bright future!

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