Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

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Generate Scannable QR Codes With PHP

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41 thoughts on “Generate Scannable QR Codes With PHP

  1. Hey i need qr code attendants system for my college
    Please help me
    My WhatsApp number is +918696250708
    I need this project urgently
    Please reply me soon as possible

  2. Can we replace the reference link with instead database table info??
    I would like for WordPress to take information from a database table and create a QR code based on that database table information and then save that QR code to that same table within the database.

    Then when the above QR code is scanned by another device connected to the same server and website will update the same database table with a point value column.

    How can this be done?

  3. Hi thank u so much this is a great tutorial. i have downloaded the file and tried to generate the QR code but keep on getting a message "image cannot be displayed because it contains errors" i don't know why while i did exactly as you showed except that i didn't use composer,i downloaded the file.

  4. I very much enjoy your videos!  I created this project exactly from you video and it worked perfectly.  How can this be expanded to incorporate a form to enter the "text" so that the QR code may be created dynamically?

  5. Wow it's pretty neat to genereate a QR code without using an actual image 🙂 Not only that, but you can generate qr codes for different links without using different images for any qr codes. This is neat 😀

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