Sun. Dec 8th, 2019

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Get Ready With Me : Kasper's Sunday Out! | Wishtrend

2 min read

Hi Wish Trenders!
Today, We prepared a GRWM video with Kasper!
It is Kasper’s long awaited makeup tutorial & V-log.
Let’s sneak peek her Sunday morning! ♥

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36 thoughts on “Get Ready With Me : Kasper's Sunday Out! | Wishtrend

  1. what was the song near the end it was kinda like " I wish I was famous I wish I was a star not like…??????" I dont know anyone know it though? Thanks ~

  2. Serin are you sure the voice over is you..omg ive been listening to you speaking for the past 2+ years through your videos and this is the first time you sound..different O_O

  3. So cool video! Id love to see more of things like this. Putting on makeup and getting ready and then going to interesting places cafes parks events parties. Awsome 🙂

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