Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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Getting an AWS Job With Zero Experience | A Linux Academy Student Story

1 min read

A year ago, Broadus Palmer didn’t even know how to pronounce AWS. Now he’s an AWS Content Support Manager. See how his life has radically changed once he started learning about the Cloud through Linux Academy!


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35 thoughts on “Getting an AWS Job With Zero Experience | A Linux Academy Student Story

  1. Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but it sounds to me like the guy, after three certifications, still wasn't able to get a job and got hired by the place he was paying to learn at. Not very encouraging. And he never said what he was getting paid, either. I'm guessing it's not much.

  2. Thank you for sharing this… it honestly was verbatim to how I feel about AWS. Never had this feeling and excitement about something. Today I took my first AWS cloud practitioner exam and I failed. It absolutely crushed me, actually had me thinking maybe I can’t do this much like you thought. But I’ve made up my mind that I didn’t come this far to let one exam stop me. It’s back to studying some more and ima take it again in near future.

  3. the hardest job to get in any area of IT is your first one because just about every job wants some experience which of course is a catch22 when your starting out. Many years ago , I worked for free for a company for 6 months to get my first job and that enabled me then to get my foot in the door and get better jobs. That's not an option for everyone of course but if your young and don't have a lot fo expenses it is a good option.

  4. So does it mean I can start learning AWS straight up with no professional experience in any IT field at all. Well I know some CCNA knowledge but don’t have the cert.

  5. Love the conflicts of interest here and the neatly trimmed comments section. I'm inspired! (Sarcasm; this is not a good case study for your product because it doesn't take a genius to tell that you're the one that gave him his job, and that he couldn't actually get a job in the real marketplace doing what you supposedly trained him to do with the education you provided him. All you are accomplishing with this kind of cheap marketing is weeding out all the would-be great customers who might actually end up having a real success story in the real world. You'd be much better off, especially in the long run, being honest with people about what it actually takes to get that kind of job, and explaining to people that you offer all of those tools and maybe some coaching along the way to get them there. Then your company would look like an expert in the field who intends to enrich the field, instead of just another snake oil salesman taking advantage of people who just don't know any better. Those people who are actually depending on you to help them. And all you're doing is taking their money. This is making you look incredibly untrustworthy.)

  6. This is very inspiring! Currently working with network+ after, I’ll get server+ then get the aws architecture associate. My goal is to acomplish these within a year. Good luck all!

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