Tue. Dec 10th, 2019

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Giacomo Aragall – Amor ti vieta (Giordano – Fedora)

25 thoughts on “Giacomo Aragall – Amor ti vieta (Giordano – Fedora)

  1. My my my!! My goodness! The best version I’ve ever heard together with Corelli. This lyric tenor has so much power, ease, RING and squillo! It is incredible! This is an A class voice, every single note is heaven!

  2. great tenor and, a pity, a little underrated between his more famous colleagues Pavarotti Carter and Domingo….I don't know why he was it. The same case f.ex.with Giacomini, also a true tenor-voice. and on the other side of this job, there are so "special" voices like Jon Vickers which was never a tenor, but world-famous and well-known and adored for his non-voce voice…..the cruelst voice I ve ever heard…sorry for my words. let us listen to this real tenor and great artist : Jaime Aragall.

  3. What a joy to hear Aragall. I'm rather obsessed with his singing and have been for years. One video is never enough. So, I'm off to watch/listen to as many as I can tonight.

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