Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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gnu/linux fast boot in 2.97 seconds

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45 thoughts on “gnu/linux fast boot in 2.97 seconds

  1. yes but as of now pulseaudio is working fine (with a few minor bugs, barely noticable), and there are alternatives. i don't use 3D so i cant say much about that. Most drivers are in the kernel now and if not they can be found easily enough.

    And hopefully since valve are porting games over, other companies will start to develop native Linux games.

  2. No actually linux does find them quicker than windows, linux boots up quicker, linux is more stable and soon it will be running native games from steam. Its also more customisable.

  3. @igrewold Finding drivers on Linux is much easier than on Windows … if drivers for your device exists. After a 15-minute OS install i got a fresh linux in front of me, with the original NVDIA driver installed & updated, working WLAN, sound and printer/scanner. Tasks which took me at least 1 additional hour under windows 7, even worse for XP.

  4. @middehovenbaas Ok smartass.. So half the distros out there will share the same name using your stupid label or have stupid names like this.. Linux Mint Plus Linux.. Really works! I think things are difficult enough for new users without your silly ideas.

  5. @LostOliven Not True, Windows 3.1, 3.11 and 95 were all based off of MSDOS. Windows 95 came packaged with its own version of DOS 7.1 that it ran off. Although older version of windows correctly have nothing to do with dos..

  6. DOS is it's own operating system. Windows has absolutely nothing to do with DOS. DOS is a really old OS! Nothing in Windows is based on DOS.

    The command line program in Windows contains similar interface to DOS, though.

  7. @middehovenbaas This is actually untrue, Linux is an operating system kernel that is most definitely bootable and functions as an operating system. However, the official Linux kernel is not necessarily functional enough for general purpose use of any kind, requiring developers to modify it and use it as a base for an operating system with a GUI, available applications, etc.

  8. I see u did not tried Linux. It's not like Windows for sure! After boot it's ready for work, and he don't lag after boot like Windows…

  9. You are stupid. This takes a snapshot of a running state, saves it to drive… and then loads it when you boot ur pc… it's like hibernation except MUCH faster. Yes it is fully functional as soon as its loaded with no lag.

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