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hadoop admin basics for everyone | apache hadoop installation | hadoop standalone mode installation

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Hadoop Administration Basics for Every One:-
class 2:-
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1. We will create clone
2. We will discuss Different types Hadoop Installations
3. We will install Standalone Mode/ Local Mode Hadoop
4. we will take clone

1) create clone

2) Different types Hadoop Installations
We can install Hadoop in 3 ways. They are:
a) Standalone/ Local Mode
b) pSudo Distribution Mode
c) Fully Distribution Mode

a) Standalone/ Local Mode:-
— In Standalone/Local Mode all Daemons runs on Single Machine and Single JVM
— It uses Local Filesystem
— It is not Distributed Filesystem.
— It is used for Development, Debugging purpose but not for Testing and Production.

b) pSudo Distribution Mode:-
— All Daemons run same machine but on different JVM.
— It uses Distributed Filesystem
— It is used for Development and Testing Purpose.
— It is not used for Production.

c) Fully Distribution Mode:-
— All Daemons runs of different machines.
— It is highly recomended to start all Master Daemons on seaparate machines.
(ResourceManager, NameNode and SecondaryNameNode)
— It is highly recomended to start all Slave Daemons on same machine but we will
multiple slave machines(DataNode and NodeManager)
— This Mode is used for Development, Testing and Production.

3. Standalone Mode/ Local Mode Hadoop Installation
a) Download Hadoop

Hadoop Latest version is 3.x — In 3.x they changed port numbers for different Daemons.
So we are going to Download 2.x latest version.


b) Installation
extrat tar file.
#tar -xvzf hadoop-2.9.2.tar.gz
x — extract
v — verbose
z — gz file
f — file

c) Remove tar (Optional)

d) rename Hadoop (Optional)

e) set PATH variable in ~/.bashrc
HADOOP_HOME contains
bin and sbin directories which contain commands — to make this commands available
for every one we need set HADOOP_HOME and PATH variable
# nano ~/.bashrc
export HADOOP_HOME=/opt/hadoop

restart bashrc
# source ~/.bashrc

Verify Hadoop Installed or Not:-
$hadoop version

Format NameNode:-
#hadoop namenode -format
#hdfs namenode -format

4. we will take clone

1. pSudo Distribution Mode
passwordless SSH
Hadoop Configurations
Hadoop Startup and Shutdown scripts
Hadoop NameNode Access
Different Hadoop Commands

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