Sun. Mar 1st, 2020

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Hinge Pride Prom: Hosted by Jonathan Van Ness

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For all the prom kings, prom queens, and non-gender identifying prom royalty, we partnered with the It Gets Better Project to bring you the ultimate inclusive event: Pride Prom 2019, hosted by our favorite non-binary person, Jonathan Van Ness. It’s beautiful what happens when prom is truly something for everyone.

9 thoughts on “Hinge Pride Prom: Hosted by Jonathan Van Ness

  1. Being gay in Montana, wish I could interactive with a community where I don't feel scared or judged. 38 and never felt accepted. I grew up on a ranch and then moved into customer service. When I am around the community I feel judged cause I haven't been able to learn or been accepted. I don't wear the right things, I came from a bad place and want to learn.

  2. I started working brand ambassador events when I was 13 years old. I was a young activist in my community and organized monthly events where students, parents and civic leaders came together to find new and innovative ways to lead young students like myself to any age in the community where we could promote awareneness. That is how I started out. I was a part time disc jockey at these events. I was not paid. However I was given something better than money at that time: the respect and admiration of my community, I received award letters and high reccomendation letters for my championship leadership in civics. This was my “foot in the door” for brand ambassador work. Promoting student involment in our community. Then i started investing my own money into a big international technology industry, becoming a brand ambassador for my own company and product. Years later I started to promote big market brands like M&M candy and Pepsi at division 1 NCAA college sporting events. I am grateful to the global community because I have had the privilege of having many jobs representing big companies that help students, as I once was a student too! The opportunity I am offering to everyone is to have VIP access to these jobs that pay high wages and offer opportunities for more jobs in the future. Meeting Miss Pennsylvania USA is one my favorite moments working as a brand ambassador recently.

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  3. As a gay individual who didn’t go to their own prom AT ALL, this is something that makes me happy. However, also jaded because I would’ve loved to fucking be there, and there’s no real advertisement for an event that’s going to happen, only one that did.

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