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[HOT] SF9 – RPM, 에스에프나인 – RPM Show Music core 20190713

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Music core 20190713
SF9 – RPM, 에스에프나인 – RPM

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28 thoughts on “[HOT] SF9 – RPM, 에스에프나인 – RPM Show Music core 20190713

  1. Each performances from SF9 is Daebak!… As they perform each comeback, they really amazed us Fantasy and make us proud of them… Thats why i really Stan this talented and handsome guyz… 🙂

    Zuho really catched my eyes in this performance with his voice and looks…

    Will continue to support u always SF9… Hoping for thr 1st win… Proud fantasy here… <3

  2. Fantasies will wait for the day SF9 gets their first win. They really deserve it. Do you hear those fanchants? We're supporting you till the end!

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