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House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing – Feldman, Karlan, Gerhardt & Turley Testimony

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House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry Hearing with testimony from Noah Feldman, Pamela S. Karlan, Michael Gerhardt and Jonathan Turley. Hearing starts at 37:25. https://cs.pn/2ru4pCO

49 thoughts on “House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing – Feldman, Karlan, Gerhardt & Turley Testimony

  1. What kind of joke justice system is this…
    The accused is not allwed to speak..attend.. or defend himself agains Zionist and Gay accusers..in the illegal Coup d'état

    Pelosi is mentally deranged & a freak enabler..
    Bossy mafia style bully hateful Italian.. narssistic Biitch. 
    With her Cyborg right hand that's out of control. What ..WTF is that ? Like a mad scientist in a Bond movie….the left hand drags the right one down.
    Suddenly showing everyone her wrist and bracelet. LOL, shes mentally unhinged
    Another Dems finger wagging Taliban clone.. like Obama Bin Laden wag wag, point wag.
    Pray for Trump? HAHA HAHA LOL HAHA
    Bossy condescending patronizing..    Sanderous and libelous. A pro freak advocate
    Jesus christ woman..get your rattling dentures fixed !
    She  Is mentally disturbed. She should be in  Hitchcock  birds movie..stabbing with a knife..like Chucky the mad Doll
    Always waving her right hand around like crazy. And she keeps showing her ear..is that a Masonic sign ?
    Stupid woman…Quid Pro Quo is in the Bible Talmud Torah Koran..on almost every page
    The founding fathers were racist Freemasons ..with Freemason connections to England….  Jeeeeeez
    Almost every word is about her, ME ME ME …I I I   ME ME   ME. I THINK ..I FEEL .. "AS I SAID." it's all about Her
    It started out as a Russian meddling..now morphed into a Closet LBGTQT revenge squad with closet gay Vindman and ugly Shemale Fiona Hill with man hands/ fingers

  2. When spending time on this impeachment people from other country is trying to blow us up this is a mess i never seen anything like this and i am from the old school Trump keep racial remarks to yourselves like others do and run the country like Obama did and make better dems repubs get along and lets make this country eat again for everybody USA cant we all just get along as Rodney King saying rip. Come on Americans i am tired Already WE CAN DO BETTER

  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have read the transcript SUMMARY (which says that it in the document), and I read the favor in question was Trump asking Zelensky to investigate Crowdstrike. I don't dispute that it also had lines on Biden in later lines, but it was not phrased as a favor in the transcript summary. That document does not explicitly say that there was a quid pro quo for the military aid ($391million). Again, it is not verbatim, but I do not see how the democrats I have heard from have ascertained that Trump undisputably asked for a quid pro quo. The witnesses did not corroborate the allegations specifically and provide admissible evidence, so I do not know where or from who they are getting their information. It also seems strange that the intelligence community has been spearheading this process, in essence. I expect conservatives to say, "yea, well they are abusing their power because they don't like Trump," and liberals to say something that disputes my previous statements. Trying to put aside my personal biases for real, but with everything I have seen and heard, I don't see the evidence for the crime and grounds for it. I won't say this is a "sham," and I think there was something that happened perpetuated by someone, but it does not appear to be Trump as the actor, as much as it is his confidants. Open to any new information I may have missed or other arguments.

  4. In his discussion of the meaning of bribery, although a well-intentioned caution against adopting an unfair definition that is overly broad, Turley fails to actually address the others' argument about Trump's bribery. Of course bribery has a meaning and has limits. They are not saying otherwise. What they are saying is that when Trump used his office to attempt to gain a political advantage over his opponent, he not only corrupted his office to his own benefit but also acted AGAINST the national interest. Neither Turely nor the Republicans can overcome this simple fact. Trump did commit bribery in a way that the framers certainly would have understood and that modern citizens understand.

    It is extremely clear that the framers were concerned about foreign powers corrupting our democracy. They caution EXPLICITLY against this. That is way it is incredibly dishonest for so-called "originalists" to disregard these warnings and the original meaning of constitutional bribery to suit their own political ends.

  5. Turley, the star of the show, utteryly DESTROYS (this time for real) The Three govt Stooges, this was a gold standard in how to burn down incendiary minds…he slapped them with a reality check that turned them into putrid fish guts.

  6. You'll never get the Republicans to cross the isle and flip on Trump. You can argue and present evidence all day long but they'll always vote along party lines. Politicians have been bought and paid for by billionaires and big corporations years ago. They may be embarrassed by Trump's behavior and statements but he's doing exactly what they want him to do. This is all just a formality.

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  8. 18:31 Hum..That lady in the bottom left corner taking pictures of their notes.. I wonder, I know it's probably nothing malicious since nothing classified would be there in the first place without being redacted but.. Why would she take pictures of what they're gonna talk about it if they're gonna talk about it anyways, which brings the question.. who does she works fort. She seemed awful concerned about having nobody watching.. She could genuinely be stupid enough to believe that cameras don't start rolling before the hearing is started, I've seen dumber people.

  9. I am sick to death with all the infighting. Republicans, I do not hate you, but I can’t understand why you anyone would swear your allegiance to any president over the constitution. Democrats, I do not hate you, but I can’t understand why you cannibalize your own people because they don’t agree with everyone of your principles. We, as a people, will never improve ourselves or the country without working together. Now I’m just a nobody, but I call for a political reformation, a clean slate: gut the White House, cut half the senate, and half of congress. Abolish the electoral college and separate California into three separate states. And then we can work from there.

  10. 4:22:00 See what mainstream news created… She think Trumps is a puppet of Russia. A president that sold lethal weapons to Ukraine, the country that is at war with Russian that annex part of it's country. The president honestly is the most American person I have seen from attitude, to family and history. But Russia is a superpower being friends, having treaties and understanding they have a place to play in global economics is essential this will create prosperity and jobs for USA. Make friends, make trade and defend your nation interests but not cost at the decency of other countries.


  12. The Republications were there to create chaos and did not address the president's charges with they know he has done. Will they represent the truth? History will record the senate's decisions forever, did they do their duty when they took their oath of office, to protect our constitution?

  13. 7:28:57 omfg the dude sitting next to Debbie Lesko’s face when she says “let me read..” WOW I cannot believe she tried to pull that one I wonder if any media out there ran with it. The man’s face shows just how ridiculous this argument is. (The transcript literally includes the word Biden in the next sentence or two)… wow.

  14. Why are these 4 witnesses? This has nothing to do with Ukrain or anything. They are 3 Trump haters and you notice they aren't asking last guy Qs because his open screwed dems lol. Good for him!!!

  15. Funny how witnesses when ask in both hearings "Do you have any FACTS that prove Trump did any impeachable offenses…. everyone was as silent as a church mouse… They knew if they lied, it would be both slandering the president and lying under oath…

  16. Noah Feldman is Jeffrey Epstein's Nephew, Facebook content manager and a Shari'a law supporter. In other words, a real austere religious scholar.

  17. We just got a good class in constituional matters. This will help the people understand the indictments that are coming out and the reason witnesses will be claiming the 5th.

  18. Here comes the cartoon character "DROOPY' Nadler !! 'What's up Folks!"
    The Dim's operate on the premise, 'We can act more stupid than they are factual'.

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