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How Spring Security Authentication works – Java Brains

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In this video, we will break down the magic of Spring Security and understand how authentication actually works. I’ll walk you through the basic elements of Spring Security. We’ll be tackling two important concepts – first how Spring Security bootstraps itself to even begin to do any work. Second, how it does authentication and decides that a user is who they say they are. By the end of this, you’ll have lifted that blanket of magic, and you’ll know exactly how Spring Security does all of this, and you’ll also be prepared to do implement some advanced authentication mechanisms.

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12 thoughts on “How Spring Security Authentication works – Java Brains

  1. He's the best ELI5er out here.. thank you for your services to the community. I unfortunately am not on any social platforms and Google+ is taken down. Is there anyway for people like me to reach out to you? Any public email address of yours or any forum type thing? Can you please integrate a discussions forum in your website. It would be very helpful. Or a sub reddit for Java brains would be amazing! Pls consider this.

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