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How To Build Amazon Affiliate Website 2017

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The Quickest, Easiest and Most Powerful Way to Create REAL Income Streams from Amazon on Autopilot…
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48 thoughts on “How To Build Amazon Affiliate Website 2017

  1. Hello! I am a big fan of your videos. Thanks for all this awesome content. Mind if i ask how much can I making per month from Amazon affiliate marketing with this product?

  2. since the amazon affiliate link is expired within 24 hour, how is this auto pilot plugin can help to solve the affiliate link which can hassle free of manual update the link in the website? anyone can advice on this?

  3. You keep saying visit the site, what will i do next when i visit the site, i dont even have an amazon site yet, can you make a step by step on this?

  4. it sounds like an important video.

    would you mind quieting that beeping at the beginning. It was so grating I couldn't watch the video.

    If you want to count off or count down, people can hear fine at one fourth that volume.


  5. so this is not a plugin that can be installed into my theme i have to buy azon authority ? and if so is it to be used in a e commerce website only and if i do buy it how can you guarentee that i can make any money by using this program which i dont know much about ?

  6. Good day guys! I wanted to have an affiliate account for amazon. The last step in signing up a PIN number has been generated, given to me. But I CANNOT SEE ANY TEXTBOX AND "SUBMIT BUTTON" in the Webpage to be able to submit the PIN to amazon and get started.

    Besides, Amazon is prohibited from making calls to the number I have provided (as stated in the notification.) My Country Code is(+63 Philippines.)

    Why is that?? Can somebody help me with this please??

  7. I am new to Amazon and I am looking to start. Is this all i need or do I need to setup anything else before .ie website . As I understand this is a plugin product.Your feedback would be really appreciated. thanks 🙂

  8. I've been using this product for some time, tightly. This product resolved a my huge problem. I am receiving fabulous results with it. Thank you

  9. Does it just have to be amazon or can affiliate links be added from other websites as well (i understand that other sites probably wouldn't work with the cart though)

  10. Amazon has features called INLINE FRAME and FRAMESET in the affiliate program that can help shop amazon products on affiliates websites without leaving those sites. I think this is a great strategy to promote branded stores. I think you should include any of those features in your plaform ..

  11. Do u have any team or forum helping solve problem we face after buying this software? And do this software updated always? How long does the store we built will last? If Malaysian can use? Pls answer each of my question. TQVM

  12. is there a limit on how many categories and products that can be added on one site? I get the 90 day cookie deal but confused. do i get paid only for items on my site or any items they buy while on amazon?

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