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How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store-Learn How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Website Easy

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How to build an Amazon affiliate store-
How to build an Amazon affiliate website-

32 thoughts on “How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store-Learn How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Website Easy

  1. What happens when one product is out of stock or the affiliate link gets broken by some circumstance. Will this software update or at least let u know to use another affiliate link?

  2. Impressive stuff, anyone entering into the amazon affiliate program defo need to listen to this. The wisest words I ever got for my Amazon affiliate websites was to actually make sure my Amazon links always worked. Amazon links just often tend to stop working eventually, people stop selling stuff, things become out of stock and so on. Theres some pretty good Amazon link checkers with free trials, just Google it. The one I used found 246 Amazon links to unavailable or no longer stocked items. I hate to think how much money that cost my business over the years 🙁

    My websites in the beauty niche but most niches are the same so here are a few other good tips, look on increasing SERP and Amazon CTR, improving content SEO, gaining links to your website, and build an email list from the start, its traffic on demand then.

    And try to build a brand, not just a generic review website. When users visit to your website directly because they you see as an authority that's zero cost high converting traffic.

    And it goes without saying, taking notice of marketing experts such as yourself as well 😉

    But the one tip that doesn't cost a penny… at any point…

    Persevere, don't give up. Making money with Amazon takes considerable time but you'll get there if you put the work in 🙂

    Anyways top vid, you have earned one more sub+like from me. Keep releasing these fantastic vids, I beg you hehe!

  3. It seems like you have a lot of people asking questions Deimon Dave but you don't seem to be replying to many of them. I would think that if you are selling software and your viewers might want to become your customer you should treat them like gold and not answer 1 out of 20 questions, just saying. Also, there are several videos in your link sort of offering the same thing, Can you explain why and how should your viewers choose?

  4. so i'll have to get a domain, but is shop express gonna do my website hosting or do i have to go through another company. This seems like a plug in or is it the whole thing?

  5. I have one question for you and if I can get an answer I would greatly appreciate that what promotion methods can I use with Amazon associates or the affiliate program of Amazon I am you know I'm just starting up brand new and I want to know what I can do to promote my Amazon affiliate website God bless thank you have a great day

  6. I see there are people mentioning another source for making a store . All I know is I understand his explanation as he is showing it working the way he says it does. I’m interested in the auto parts store and that’s how Easy I want to add products to my store. Maybe if the other one had somebody explain theirs the way he explained this one ☝️, I would use it but they didn’t.

  7. When you applied for Amazon affiliates how much time elapsed since you build the first store on this platform. What is your advice to a beginner?

  8. Can you add any type of affiliate products from different companies such as clickbank, share sell, commission junction? I’d like to have more than those 3 options. And can you add more social media sites on here for products to be published? Lastly I don’t see your link to shop express.

  9. Hey Man do you know if your promoting an item on your website will you still get commission if buyer clicks on you affiliate link but searches for something else and buys?

  10. and if you gave me really good and satisfactory answer than i am definitely gonna CLICK link the DESCRIPTION to become a affiliate that only from your video links…….
    thanks a lot……

  11. thankyou diemon dave. for sharing with us the unvalueable information….I have a QUESTION to ask please reply……
    On DRONE DEAL CENTRAL,,,, when anyone click BUY NOW option he will be taken to AMAZON website and there he can really buy that item,,,,,,,,but so next time why will he open our website( DRONE DEAL CENTRAL) to purchase other item or recommend anyone to buy on DRONE DEAL CENTRAL,,,,, so the customer will buy from our website only once,,,,, and We gave a real customer to AMAZON after working so hard……… IT really worked excellant for AMAZON to aquire the customer……we have been fooled ……….bec. ultimately there are conderable costs to setup a website and getting a considerable traffic on the website…….so is not in the favor of Amazon more than us….

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