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How To Build Your First Website Quick | Duda Review

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The top question I get from clients and prospects is, “What platform is the best?”

Simply put, the best platform is the one you can use. I have the easiest and fasted time using Duda (which keeps costs down).

My favorite features in Duda:
-Easy to edit (drag and drop)
-Beautiful, professional templates
-Optimized for mobile, speed, and SEO automatically

Duda is free to start. Just head to and check it out!

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15 thoughts on “How To Build Your First Website Quick | Duda Review

  1. What do you charge a business or school to create their website – and do you also charge a small monthly fee for up-keep? Also – do you have a course?

  2. Hi Justin, Great video on Duda. However, I do disagree with you on recommending WordPress. I don't use it anymore after experiencing the “white screen of death”. Also, after Hostgator performed a PHP upgrade, all the opt-in forms on my websites no longer worked. Even with numerous emails going back and forth between myself and Hostgator support the problem could not be resolved. So there I was with 6 to 10 websites absolutely worthless. So many hours of work down the drain. To me a website without an opt-in form is worthless. I have also built many HTML web sites with minimal problems, if any. You have been warned. I'm speaking from true life experience.

  3. Interesting but I don't see where the time savings really is. The hard part about making a website for a small business is getting them (it's their website and business) to be clear on what they want to say, getting good pictures (not the crappy ones they've taken over the years), and what they want the website to do. Many small business owners are not really articulate enough to do this, even though they are great at running their businesses and are experts in their field. Also, wordpress can go on my platform, and I don't have to go on someone else's platform. I mean, it looks good but not really a revolution or anything.

  4. I like Duda because it has a good self-editing platform and offers a Site for Life feature that allows you to pay for unlimited hosting with Amazon's Cloud so that you will own your site for life. However, I like the Wix editor better and enjoy Wix's integration app choices better than the widgets on Duda. I have experience using both but use Duda to sell websites to my business clients.

  5. I hadn't heard of Duda before, looks cool. I looked at their site real quickly and the pricing structure is confusing. We just launched a new site on Squarespace but one of the things I don't like about squarespace is you can't host multiple sites without paying for them individually.

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