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How To Buy Domain Name

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Hello and welcome back.

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This video is about domain on the Web hosting I’ll be showing you how to get a domain name for your

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site and the web hosting.

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There are a lot of web hosting providers out there in the market.

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There is GoDaddy blow hosts dream hosts.

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The list goes on.

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I personally use names cheap and I use them for a lot of reasons.

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The first one is they have first shared hosting.

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They offer you free as a substantial vacation.

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Actually you can use actual 50s SSL certifications and they have competitive pricing and compare it

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to other web hosting providers.

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You can get a whole year of hosting for just twenty five dollars you can add up to a tree domain names

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as it did drives and access to see panel which I’ll talk about it later.

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The support is great if you have any kind of problem.

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Just scroll at the end of the page and click this life such a button they will respond to your question

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immediately it’s been three years now.

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I use the services no problems no doubt wind chimes or my sites are working just fine.

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I’ve included a link with this video.

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Click on it or paste it on your browser and you should check your right to this page.

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No the first thing we got to do is buy the domain name.

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But before we do that you have to decide which niche you are going to use.

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