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How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Business

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How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Business


• Keep Domain Short as possible
• Make it Easy to Pronounce
• Make it Unique and Brandable
• Only use “.com”
• Think One Year Ahead
• try not to use hyphens ” – ”

Are you going to tell people the name of your website or will it always be linked to.
Where are your customers located – 2:39
Town – City?
Is domain for:
Main Service
Main Product

Is this your only or main website? Like my domain
Is this a feeder site ex. Like My domain… let me explain this

Avoid vanity sites – 7:34
New prospects are not looking for “mary blevens”
No use trying to reach prospects beyond your ability to service them or get products to them at a reasonable cost. If I were a photographer I might use one of the following:
All of these dommain are available.
When I do the same thing in sanantonio…a much bigger city none are available…not to worry! – 9:47
Here are some that are close and with proper SEO will produce similar results. is available is available is available
More examples:
Now let’s say I want to sell Cowboy Boots nationwide or worldwide is of course not available is available is available is available is available ( I like this ) is available
You probably noticed by now that adding a prefix or a suffix will expand your choice of domains.
In my mind I like to leave room for expansion of product line or services if I might expand later. -11.04 is available
The wonderful thing about choosing a domain name is it can make you think about not only what you sell now but also what future sales might be.
Previously I mentioned feeder sites, these link to the main site with a link or a button.These domains have very detailed name and address a very niche topic, for example: was a domain I used, it had a bit of information about redroan horses and a link to my main website, I no longer have these domains as I am retired from the horse business years ago, but these feeder websites produced about 15 leads a month.Having a feeder website to sell a $10 eBook would not be economically feasible but did work well for a$3500 horse. You may want to give it a go.
I woke up this morning with a couple more domains bouncing around my head:
* is available
* is available
You do not need to immediately choose a domain name, take your time, several days even a week is fine as you are going to have to live with your choice of domain names for a long time maybe forever. Once you go to all the work of ranking your domain, if you change the domain, you lose all that hard work.
So, who to register tour domain name with?
Not with your hosting provider, as there can be problems later if you change hosting accounts. Keep hosting and domain name separate. – 14:08
I use:
They are all about the same price with the same features.

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