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How To: Crack An SSH Password

1 min read

In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to crack an SSH password. In addition, I’ll show you how to find a computer running an SSH service by performing a network scan with Nmap. I created this tutorial on my Kali Linux machine; however this tutorial is for BackTrack 5 users also.

Because this is a brute force attack, you’ll need a wordlist. If you don’t have a wordlist or you don’t know how to create one, refer to one of the following tutorials:

How To: Create A Wordlist With Crunch

How To: Password Profiling With CUPP

Note: It is illegal to perform this attack on any SSH server that doesn’t belong to you. The information presented in this tutorial is for educational purposes only.

45 thoughts on “How To: Crack An SSH Password

  1. Are you sure the computer needs to be on the same network? Because i know the Public ip i want to get in too and i also can login into the it ssh. But don't have. The password yet. It says perminission denied. Will it work if i know the password and we are not on the same network?

  2. This is a dictionary attack, a brute force attack tries every single combination possible

    1 of 1 target completed, 0 valid passwords found – but the pass in the wordlist i made

  3. i tried cracking my own password for practice… i created a word list with my own password yet there was no password match.. why? btw i wasnt hacking a wifi. i was trying to hack my own IP address from digitalocean

  4. hey chris each time i press enter after doing the hydra part it keeps saying "An error has ocurred" and afterwards puts 0 valid password found. what can i do to fix it?

  5. hi, first off ur vids are awsome man. secondly i have a question about the wordlist because for instance i take a 1 10 password with the whole abc it takes forever to download and takes waaay to much space. is there a way to make a shorter and more effectiver one? thx 😀

  6. What type of encryption hash does crunch use for ssh because I have winrtgen for windows that I found and it asks me to select an encryption type

  7. Im trying to mess with a friends mac, just make is say stuff and what not, but how do I do this if they are not running an ssh on their mac, is there a way to remotely run it?

  8. Hi chris I have a request, I would like you to do a tutorial on armitage. All the tuts I've watched are to simple and never work ( this tuts on armitage, not your tuts ;))

  9. Hello Chris, i watched your tutorial on crunch. I was able to generate my own lists, although they were 8131 petabytes lol…. I was wondering if you had any general specifications for the word-lists you use, maybe something i could use as a general password file

  10. @ki4jgt

    Yes, /24 is usually more efficient. But I've found that many users experience an issue where Nmap doesn't find all of the clients when scanning the entire network.

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