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How to create a free website with Lightroom CC or Classic and Adobe Portfolio New Update

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Adobe just updated their Portfolio connection with Lightroom CC and it is so easy to make a website in minutes. The web site I created in his video is here:

The workflow is as follow from Lightroom Classic

1. You Create a Collections for your portfolio in Lightroom Classic as you would usually do.

2. You synch these with Lightroom CC

3. In Lightroom CC you right-click and choose the option Save to portfolio

4. You go to and personnalise it.

Now any changes that you will make either in Lightroom CC and Classic can be updated on your website

Why I’m putting only 20 photos per section on my firs website , the answer is in this video:

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10 thoughts on “How to create a free website with Lightroom CC or Classic and Adobe Portfolio New Update

  1. Great video. I have been using Portfolio for awhile, but haven't seen the different "looks," like you use black background. It's probably something simple I am overlooking? Merci mille fois.

  2. This is really awesome, Serge. I’m just in the process of making my website but didn’t really want to put all my photos on it for selling purposes. But I really want to showcase all my many photos in galleries because I love them all. Are you telling me you can create a big gallery(s) in LR and then embed it in your own website?

  3. I won't be able to watch live but I am wondering if this creates an actual website or if you have to have a domain and hosting already for it to work. Thank you.

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