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How to Find Copyright Free Images For My Website?

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Video shows you how to find copyright free images on the internet for your Website or Blog? Click below to find free stock photos, after viewing the video…

Can I Use Pictures from the Internet on My Website?


Have you recently launched a web site and now you’re looking for ways to improve the design by adding images?

If so, you have likely realized that you can do a quick search on the Internet and find thousands of images that would work perfectly on your website or blog.

Beware of Doing This:

These digital images, while they may be easy to find, are not yours, but belong to somoene else. While it seems so easy to take these images and post them on your site, you can actually run into major photo copyright infringement issues by going this route.

Here’s a Way to Do it Legally:

1. Create Your Own Images.
2. Purchase Images from a Stock Photo Website.
3. Use Online Libraries that have thousands of Free Images.

Bottom Line:

No matter what type of website you are creating, images are very important. Ensure when you are placing images on your site that you have the proper copyright permission. Without the right permission, you could be looking at a lawsuit which is surely not your intention.

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7 thoughts on “How to Find Copyright Free Images For My Website?

  1. hey guys
    in description it is written that while uploading picture should have copyright
    what if one directly goes to free copy right images and then upload it his site without copyright

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