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How to get momentum on YouTube – Hosted by Nick Nimmin

2 min read

In today’s video Nick Nimmin will give you his best strategies for How to get momentum on YouTube. Getting momentum on YouTube is important, and Nick Nimmin will teach you how to get and keep momentum on YouTube!

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10 thoughts on “How to get momentum on YouTube – Hosted by Nick Nimmin

  1. Where connected please help me to grow my channel and i want to reach the requirements of Youtube for now i want to teach a 1k subscribers and 4k watch hour

  2. About that native language thing, i actually totally don't agree.
    In my niche AND native language there are only about 10.000 people/subs to score MAXIMUM.
    There are about 10.000 dutch speaking aquarium hobbyists, so the limit i very low…. i can NEVER get BIG in my native language

  3. …I think sometimes you got the stage when it's time to stop studying Youtube algorithms, analytics and all that stuff and try to actually MAKE THE BETTER VIDEOS! I'm at this stage now XD

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