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How to get more traffic to your website (2019)

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Welcome to the Creatorpreneurs Academy
Where you learn how to get more traffic to your website, and more customer with Laughingbird Software

This week’s Tips: Get yourself onto a Top 10 List

Today we’re going to get more traffic by getting onto a TOP 10 list.
Then, we’re going to enhance the list with eye catching graphics (that YOU create yourself in minutes! You don’t need Canva or Photoshop either)

People go nuts over top 10 lists. . 10 tools, top 10 blogs, you name it.

So YOU can create your own TOP 10 blog or article ….or YouTube video! with a ‘list’

It’s super easy to do and it’ll get passed around the internet. 
Creating a list article is easy. It’s just a matter of research.

A list article is something like:

•3 Ways to Slice a Pineapple.
•5 design tools you need in 2020.

Why do people love lists? Because they’re super scannable and quick to read.

Great content strategies involve a mix of quick, snackable content pieces

So today: right after you watch this video, Create something like a product comparison guide 

(your potential customer has SO many products to choose from.
Help them your out with a product comparison guide or a list of 10 services that are compatible with yours)

If you’re comparing your product with competitors, be objective and fair;

maybe you’re a better fit for small businesses,

…while a competitor is better for larger corporations.

All you have to do is Write up a comparison guide for a product you don’t offer, but which relates to your audience’s business.

For example, if you walk or train dogs… you can create a Top 10 list of the products needed for training

(and then make sure you insert one of your own training videos into the list)

Or – you can name the Top 10 websites that your customers may need that enhances your own services

(and of course, add your own website onto the list)

Chances are good that your customers will share your Top 10 list (and you’ve snuck in your own product or service as one of the list-items), your blog piece will then get passed around on other platforms!

It’s a creative and valuable way to gain some traffic!

to make your lists article look awesome, you can create all of the images and graphics with The Online Graphics Creator by Laughingbird Software

Easy DIY (Do it Yourself) 🙂

(watch the video above to see how easy it is).

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