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How to host a website using google drive with domain name | how to host a website on google drive

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25 thoughts on “How to host a website using google drive with domain name | how to host a website on google drive

  1. 404. That’s an error.

    The requested URL /host/0B1BUwb7P3LerQkZ4Y3NfeUxvXzg was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
    this error comes after paste the id

  2. am a amateur with this m i just have used a good HTML template and tried to see how it works her is site i have a problem with navigation it shows a google 404 errors so i think it must be a missing xml sitemap, i am asking do you know to how to make it and it goes inside that published google drive folder right? if i navigate i dont see a permalinks and what to do ….

  3. How do you make the images appear on the website? My site is showing up but all the image links are broken? Is there a particular way the files should be arranged?

  4. hello again and happy new year , and best wishes and great time in new 2016 , today i saw that none of my google drive hosted sites work , i have opened maybe 10 or more with templates with idea to develop my worlds, and my way , google google with their theories, and all is a fraud or monopole or every tricking , or maybe google is just stealling with seo or all kind of idiothism …never mind i will and i was happy for a month with idea to be free, thank you very very much …never give up and always smile ..
    谢谢, happy呢我2016

  5. happy new year 2016 and with best wishes …. i have learned from you how to use it and thank you many times , i have published i will show you one site … if you open site inside is a powerfull /responsive multimedia HTML5 template/ my problem is i have found a / pinegrow 2.2/, there is newer v2.4 open source web editor it helps but still i dont know much to make site superb then i have also a wysiwig web builder 10 which can help me make my own site but but but, /also nobody gives a tutorial how to use this super powerfull web builder and his extensions ,/ maybe you can do it …help me help you and help us that we make good websites , static but good as i dont understand why we cannot put a wordpress themes and plugs, php , help me as you have helped me before you are best , and lets hope that google will forget and prolong a web-sharing more and more then august 2016 , i hope …. as look how it all looks no domains free no – webhosting free , all rigged, how come as it is a 21 century it should all be free to ,open ideas and minds and dreams freely , 谢谢,再见 。。。。 happy new year 2016 and merry christmas

  6. the SEO optimisation is a way that , if you follow it and use wordpress SEO pro plugs and , that way google controls web trafic and it is basecally controling of a ranking of webs and all is about who follows you …and much more then that … if there are free domains like org, com , net and free and good webhosting it is enough for everyone …thank you and happy new year 2016 …

  7. i dont beleave much in what google is saying today as like they say one thing and during time they change it all, like windows 10 T1 , ms said it is final version and then T2 comes in november …and who knows when will be T3, thank you very very much …happy holidays

  8. thank you a million of times , i just wont to ask as when i use a webhost they have a folders like a wordpress and inside i put a themes and plugins and all, my q is how to put it all in a google drive folder , or maybe you have a template example and how to do it …. i use wordpress , you have upoaded your site and inside folder, is there a templates of a site folder with a wordpress that i can put it all and use it … i will try deffinitelly to host my websites on google drive and better something then to pay it all …thank you and domains i have used a freenom domains … thank you many many times and give advices …plz

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