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How to implement Doubly Linked List in Java ?

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11 thoughts on “How to implement Doubly Linked List in Java ?

  1. sir ,1 doubrt i,e hw it will works tail obejct not created only refernce is created to make it to happen assign last node refernce to tail then it will be correct know

  2. Sir, instead of using a parameterized constructor of the outer class to instantiate the ListNode type declared variables – 'head', 'tail', and the int type 'length', can't we instantiate them in the ListNode constructor itself? Like we did for Singly Linked List.

  3. Wanted to take a look at your source code, is there any reason you to make the first download option something that requires downloading a third party application, and the second option an insecure website called ""?

    Your video itself is great but your entire website reeks of an immoral phishing scheme. What the fuck.

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