Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

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How to install Arch Linux

1 min read

Learn how to install arch linux in short and easy way in 10 Minutes

Installing Arch Using WiFi : https://youtu.be/DRlKfh7cw60

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18 thoughts on “How to install Arch Linux

  1. in the tutorial, especially [reflector -c "india" -f 12 -l 10 -n 12 –save] is there alternative than this one? tbh i'm really new to arch environment.
    (also, is the an "l (L)" or "1"?)

  2. Wow. We need more of these kinds of videos. THIS— is a tutorial, ladies and gentlemen! No wasting time here; thru each task with rapid consistency, we get what we came for. Nothing more, nothing less. Speed was just right, it FORCES you to pay attention! Very helpful and informative, thank you. Subscribed and liked

  3. WOW! The best and fastest Arch install tutorial I've ever seen – excellent! Thx for that. Did you also made a tutorial about installation of Arch Linux on (U)EFI system?

  4. Should've noted when the OS was stable and before you start adding in your own GUI and personalized apps. Arch is meant to be a barebones foundation to build on, this is a tailored install, specify that in the title or do as the title and simply install Arch.

  5. This was tough to follow, but I got there in the end! If I can make a suggestion, try to be clearer when you do things and not so fast! Otherwise excellent, thank you!

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