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How to Install Linux Mint

4 min read

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to install Linux Mint.
For that, first of all you will need to download the Linux mint Image file. You can head over to
and move to the download section. Over there, you would want to download the Cinnamon edition.
Next, you need to create a Live USB stick. You do have the option of creating a Live CD, but if you have a netbook, for example, this may be a problem, since they don’t have DVD ROMs.
For that purpose, we will be using a third party application called UNetbootin. For that, log on to
and you can download a version according to your operating system.
Once downloaded, simply run the application and we can get started with making the Live USB Stick. Before getting started, make sure you have connected the USB to the system. We are using a 4 gigabyte USB here and we have formatted it before using the application.
So let’s get started.

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Step 1 — Making a Live USB Stick
Before we start with how to install Linux Mint, you would have to create a Live USB stick.
With the software opens up, you would have to choose Linux Mint from the distribution list.
Next, you can select the 15_Live or the 15_live_x64 option, if you have a 64 bit system that is. The template for 15 works for the newer version as well. If you’re not sure whether you have a 64-bit system or not, choose the 15_Live option, which is the 32 bit version.
Next, select the Disk Image option and make sure you have the ISO option selected from the drop down menu. With that done, click on the browser button and select the Linux Mint ISO file that you just downloaded previously.
With that done, make sure the USB Drive option is selected for the type. Select your USB drive. Make sure that you select the correct drive here. You can double check by opening up My computer.
With that done, click on OK and it will start creating a bootable Live USB. Once done, you can reboot the system.

Step 2 — Changing boot order
While rebooting, we will enter into the bios and move to the booting options. Make sure that the USB or Removable Disks are at the top of the boot priority. This will allow us to boot from the USB Device.
With that done, we will save the changes and exit the bios.

Step 3 — Starting the Linux Installation process
Now Linux Mint will open up in Live mode. You can get an overview of what the operating system looks like before actually installing it on your system.
To start with the installation process, simply click on the Install Linux Mint icon on the desktop here.
First of all, you would be required to select the language

Step 4 — Linux Mint Requirements
Next up a notification will be displayed in front of you telling you the required space and the fact that you should be connected to the internet during the installation process. This is very important, since the installer will be download different components like fonts, language packs etc. before installing them.

Step 5 — Erasing the disk
Next, you would be given two options. Either erase the entire disk and install the operating system or trying something else, like resizing a partition etc.
For this tutorial, we will select the first option here. Make sure you have a backup before pursuing with this option.

Step 6 — Selecting the time zone
Next, you would be required to select the time zone. You can simply point to the country in the map and it will automatically select the time zone from there.

Step 7 — Selecting the keyboard layout
Moving on, you would also be required to choose a keyboard layout. Over here, we have kept the default options as it is.

Step 8 — Setting up a user account
Last of all, you would be required to enter the details such as your name, your computer’s name, your username and password. If you want, you can even choose to encrypt your home folder by choosing this option.
After that, the installation process will start automatically.

Step 9 — Restarting the system
Once done, a notification window will appear telling you that the installation was successful. You can either continue testing the operating system or restart the computer.
Let’s restart the computer and remove the USB stick.

Step 10 — Logging in to Linux Mint
Once the system reboots, you can see here that linux mint has been successfully installed with the user account already created. You would have to enter the user account credentials to login Linux Mint.
That means the Linux Mint operating system has been successfully installed.
And that’s it for how to install Linux Mint.

38 thoughts on “How to Install Linux Mint

  1. Hello, I have created Linux USB Image File…
    Can you tell me how to install on my PC? I have Windows 10 already, and want to have dual System PC.

  2. Hello, I'm very interested on this Operating System, as I'm fed up having problem with my PC, installed with Windows 10, which cost me a lot, and I had to re-install(on a repair shop) twice, recently.

    Can I use Microsoft Office app with the Linux Min?
    And how about the equivalent tool of Bookmarks (from Firefox), or the Favorites(from Internet Explorer)?

  3. Please respond fast… It says that I do not have enough storage and am I am using 1TB hard drive…I think it is refering to the USB stick but why? What went wrong?…. Please answer ASAP

  4. I been OK with Windows upto Win10 but now I had to switch to Linux Mint as Win 10 is a total pain with spy crap and updates that break stuff and cause crashes.I only use Firefox Thunderbird and Libreoffice spreadsheet stuff which is all preloaded in Linux can't fault it

  5. I was able to use the live USB to look at the internet, etc… I installed Linux Mint but upon reboot (and with the USB removed), I just see a flashing bar and nothing else. This continues on for minutes and I eventually shut my laptop down. So I went back and re-installed but I'm having the same issue. Just a flashing bar. Any help? Please.

  6. can you use this lesson you showed here to run Linux Mint on a computer that already has Windows 10 on? in other words a dual OS pc; or does it only work on a new install with no other OS already present.

  7. I did this and restarted and put the USB unit at the top in the boot thing but it won't get out of the controller panel, I can't use my computer at all right now, anyone know what to do?

  8. ok, i've install Linux Mint on my Laptop, in fact 64 B cause i have a 64B Processor,, all things are installed, but, when i boot on my Mint system, he keep's telling me i type the wrong password, any tyips to sove this? thanks in advance,

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  10. Gee Man you have explained this so well I am a person who has bees testing these systems for years and they are certainly not all as good as the others…….gentle warning here is that from experience even these wonderful LINUX Mint systems get disabled by some sneaky Worms or viruses once you put it on the hard-drive noticed that possibly the knowit all hackers can't resist having a go at your Linux system in case you get to happy but if you put your linux on the flash drive you become the THRASHER!! you just thrash them like everywhere all the time nothing they can do!! YOU WIN!! Everybody Wins except the Hackers they get dropped…….they get the sad instead of YOU!

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