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How to install VestaCP with Nginx and MariaDB | TechTracks

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How to Install VestaCP with Nginx and MariaDB.

# I Will Install Vestacp In Vps On Centos With MariaDB And Nginx

# I Will Install Ispcofig With Any Os

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how to install vesta web control panel with Nginx web server + PHP-fpm and MySQL MariaDB on Linux Centos 7 Free

1. Need VPS (sing up and get a free VPS)

2. install Centos 7.5 64bit on VPS

3. login to your server using ssh key (Download PuTTY)

4. login to and create install settings

5. copy and paste the commands on putty

6. login to vestacp using your IP

7. Username: admin
Password: your password

Find out the installed vestacp login details in your email

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