Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

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How to install Webgoat on Kali Linux

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I am excited because this is my first video for this channel starting with the installation of Webgoat (A vulnerable Application) on Kali Linux 1.0.6, Designed by OWASP to learn about Application Vulnerabilities.

7 thoughts on “How to install Webgoat on Kali Linux

  1. You need to update your Java to run it : these three commands should do it for you guys : for Year 2017

     sudo apt-get install default-jre

     #Verify that Java is installedjava -version

     # Download the executable jar file to a suitable location, like your Downloads folder


    # Run the WebGoat jar file

    java -jar webgoat-container-7.0-SNAPSHOT-war-exec.jar -httpPort 8081

    ##THANK YOU ###

  2. hey i know this post quite old but just starting to use it, i followed steps and got into webgoat but what i found is when you execute sh webgoat sh start8080 you cannot set your proxy in burpsuite to listen and intercept on 8080 as it is already in use and wont let you check the tick box next to 8080 in burpsuite, ive tried changing the burpsuite port to 8081 and same in iceweasel but than it stops me from accessing the webgoat page. any ideas where im going wrong?

  3. Hi, after installing kali linux and trying to install webgoat i get the following error: the JVM in $JAVA_HOME isn't version 1.6. can you help me with this asap as i am preparing for a job interview which includes a hack test.

  4. Hi,
    I followed all of the above steps but my browser shows the error "Unable to connect. Iceweasel can't establish a connection to the server at localhost." Please help!

  5. Hello Muhammad, thanks for making this video but when I run the first command to start the service I get this error.
    ./tomcat/bin/ 1: eval: /usr/java/jdk1.6.0_20/bin/java: not found
    It gives me that after presenting me with the username and password and url to access webgoats. But the urls do not work when trying to open them.

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